Strategic Plan

Vision Statement

As a top-ranked public engineering college, we will lead the way in shaping the future of engineering and computing education and research by growing the S&T brand of excellence and providing our students with unmatched quality and breadth of expertise and opportunities. This includes expanding student recruitment efforts, pioneering new degree programs to meet future workforce needs, and developing a sharp focus on research dedicated to addressing grand societal challenges and serving the public good of our state and region. Our college will become the destination of choice for students, faculty and staff.

Mission Statement

  • Provide our students with a transformative education that prepares and inspires them to shape the future.
  • Lead the way in improving our world and solving grand societal challenges through research and innovation.

Strategy Pathways

Student Success

We will actively recruit diverse and passionate students and equip them to excel using curricula that go beyond the classroom, leveraging hands-on experiential learning, and using effective teaching strategies that include remote-learning tools. We will provide the resources, exposure, coaching/teaching and environment for the development of the engineering and leadership skills of our students so they can make lifelong contributions to their professions and community.


  1. Improve the educational and research facilities of the college.
  2. Advance teaching excellence by supporting instructors, advisors, and students to partner in teaching and learning.
  3. Increase research opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students.

Faculty and Staff Success

The college will attract and retain a diverse pool of talented faculty and staff who will work together toward achieving the college and university visions, uphold the highest expectations of excellence and accountability, and create a culture of shared governance in which faculty, staff, and campus leadership work together to overcome major challenges.


  1. Support, empower, and promote faculty and staff who excel in their roles, advance college and university missions, and become national and international leaders.
  2. Encourage and incentivize faculty and staff to develop entrepreneurial opportunities that benefit the departments, college, and university.
  3. Establish an effective mentoring program and professional development opportunities for faculty at all levels.
  4. Strengthen our current shared governance by putting in place transparent processes and accountability measures to promote a positive working relationship among faculty, staff, and administration.

Discovery and Entrepreneurship

We will pursue forward-thinking research to advance scientific knowledge and address engineering grand challenges by strengthening our core competencies and strategically expanding into emerging areas. We will translate knowledge into innovations and will establish education and training programs to stimulate and nurture entrepreneurship for students, faculty and staff.


  1. Recruit and retain outstanding faculty and graduate students to perform research in critical and emerging technologies.
  2. Leverage university and Kummer Institute resources to support research and translate discovery into commercial applications.
  3. Drive innovation and entrepreneurship through industry partnerships, faculty incentives, new companies, patents, and licensing.

Dynamic and Evolving Collaborations

We will increase, strengthen, and evolve inclusive educational and research partnerships at local, regional, national, and global levels. We will actively engage and develop outcome-focused collaborations with alumni, educational institutions, government entities, non-government organizations, and corporations. By sharing experience, spreading influence, and increasing access to resources and innovations, we will expand our reach and capabilities to unlock many future opportunities for all partners.


  1. Proactively identify potential partners and mutual goals of all stakeholders and maintain alignment of relationship interests.
  2. Clearly communicate tasks, responsibilities, risks, rewards, and cultural strengths among partners to bolster mutual understanding and partnership sustainability.

Diversity and Inclusion

We will continue to increase the diversity of our faculty, staff, and student population and promote a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We respect and welcome different viewpoints as this strengthens our ability to address global challenges and fosters broader collaboration.


  1. Increase the efforts for growing the diversity of engineering faculty, staff, and students.
  2. Promote an inclusive environment where decisions account for diverse backgrounds and experiences and where contributions from all groups are valued.
  3. Facilitate the retention and overall success of all members of our community, especially those from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in engineering.