Message from the Dean


Welcome to Missouri S&T’s College of Engineering and Computing.

Engineers make things that provide for the greater good of humanity. We are inquisitive. We are pioneers. We have a passion for our work. Those values are at the heart of the College of Engineering and Computing’s mission. We build industries and create jobs through advanced manufacturing, reconstruct the nation’s infrastructure, promote sustainability in the 21st century, and develop intelligent systems that change the future of everyday life.

In the CEC, new ideas inspire a vision of the future; our role at S&T is to provide the tools that will enable you to make that vision a reality.

We offer 17 undergraduate programs, 18 undergraduate minors and 21 master’s degree and/or Ph.D. programs. At a time when other institutions are limiting their offerings, we take great pride in the breadth of our degree programs. If you are interested in studying something unique, there is a good chance you will find it here.

Because we are a research institution, we can build on core fundamentals to develop innovative ideas through research.

Our research can be grouped into five overarching themes:

  • Infrastructure: understanding our infrastructure needs and developing new approaches to rehabilitate and manage infrastructure for the future
  • Engineering for extremes: mastering extreme environments with unique materials and inventive approaches for modeling and design in diverse fields, including hypersonics, ballistic impact and high-radiation environments
  • Manufacturing and economic development: building industries and creating jobs through new materials, processes and manufacturing systems in collaboration with a wide variety of industrial partners
  • Smart systems: merging advanced computation and big data with transportation systems, architecture and energy infrastructure for a safe and secure future
  • Sustainable energy, minerals and resources: developing better techniques to extract and use energy, critical minerals and the Earth’s resources in a sustainable manner

Here are just some of the recent accomplishments in our nine academic departments:

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
Our faculty continued to convert laboratory research into practice, including additive manufacturing of catalytic scaffolds with surfaces that are tailored on a molecular level to convert alcohols to high-value chemicals.

Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering
The department launched a new construction engineering and management consortia, the Missouri Consortium for Construction Innovation, that will offer leadership for research and technology integration in the construction industry

Electrical and Computer Engineering
A tradition of winning nationally competitive early career awards continues, and the department congratulates Dr. Rui Bo for receiving the DARPA Young Investigator award.

Engineering Management
Artificial intelligence may soon help transportation agencies and first responders determine the best evacuation routes during floods such as those affecting portions of Missouri and the Midwest, thanks to the work of our researchers.

Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering
We’re unlocking the secrets of how life evolved on Earth using geochemical signatures recorded in ancient rock samples.

Materials Science and Engineering
We are initiating three new Graduate Certificate Programs: Materials for Extreme Environments, Iron and Steel Metallurgy and Advanced Engineering Materials.

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
We are expanding the Center for Aerospace Manufacturing Technology facilities with a $1.4M renovation of a 6,000 square foot high bay space to house its Manufacturing Demonstration and Research Facility.

Mining Engineering
We are using our one-of-a-kind Experimental Mine as a testing site to better understand effect of explosive-driven projectiles on mine seals and traumatic brain injury.

Nuclear Engineering
We are advancing nuclear medicine through research such as a single-step creation and functionalization of radioactive nanoparticle towards cancer treatment, as well as design and development of real-time imaging of traumatic brain injury.

These accomplishments would not be possible without our talented and dedicated staff who make the campus work. In our college, you will find hardworking technicians, office staff, student advisors and other staff who are energized by helping you achieve your goals.

Thank you for choosing Missouri S&T, and again, welcome to the CEC!

Richard Wlezien

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