Future-Focused Research

Solving the world's greatest challenges

As one of the world’s leading technological research universities, Missouri S&T is nationally recognized for its research and scholarship. Missouri S&T’s interdisciplinary approach to research involves students working alongside world-class faculty in a variety of fields.

Signature Areas

Our vibrant research enterprise crosses academic disciplines to address some of the world's great challenges in areas such as energy (traditional, alternative and hybrid systems), infrastructure, power supply, the environment, new materials, cyber security and water resources, among other issues.

Research Centers

Our research centers combine multiple academic disciplines to focus on research in one of our four Signature Research Areas.

Research Magazine

re:search Magazine: Missouri S&T's annual report on research

Interested in reading more about S&T's research? Check out our most current issue of the re:search magazine.

In this issue, take a closer look at the future of non-invasive breast cancer detection, a glass solution to nuclear storage woes, future fuels for missions to Mars, and increased astronaut safety in the final frontier.