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Home to one of the oldest computer science programs in the country, the world’s first engineering management program and the only U.S. Ph.D. program in explosives engineering, we’ve been research leaders for nearly 150 years.

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Our students experience a wealth of out-of-classroom learning and research opportunities that apply technical knowledge to real-world problems. Professors, graduate students and undergraduates are researching some of the world’s great challenges, from enhancing renewable energy to boosting computer network security.


Our nine academic departments offer 18 different undergraduate degrees and 19 master's degree and Ph.D. programs. You can study at our Rolla campus or learn from afar with our robust distance learning program.

First-Year Experience

Freshman Engineering Program

The Freshman Engineering Program provides you with the resources needed for success during your first year on campus. As an engineering freshman at Missouri S&T, you'll work toward completing common freshman year courses while acquiring information to help you determine a major and career.

Proud Miners

Nasa holds universal appeal

NASA holds universal appeal When he was a teenager, Missouri S&T doctoral student and NASA employee Paul Friz looked up into the night sky, the twinkling points of light a thousand beacons in the darkness, irresistible. He was hooked. So when he was 14, Friz saved up his lawn-mowing money and bought his first telescope – an 8-inch Dobsonian Reflector – to bring the sky’s lights up close. He looked at the gas giant Saturn; it’s the solar system’s sixth planet from the sun and looks like a star to the naked eye, but its rings and moons came to life in his telescope’s lens. Then he went farther into the heavens and out of Earth’s solar system – somewhere between 520 to 610 light years out – to view M44, or the Beehive Cluster, located in the constellation Cancer.

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STEM superhero

By day, this STEM superhero works as an electrical test engineer at Space Systems Loral in Palo Alto, Calif. But by night and on weekends, Evans, AE’12, devotes hours researching, writing, filming and producing educational videos for her YouTube channel, The STEMulus. Check it out at

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