Big data analytics

Big data analytics seek to reliably extract and analyze meaningful information from data sets that are too large and complex for traditional data-processing. S&T’s focus in big data analytics is on data generated from cyber-physical systems such as transportation, smart manufacturing, smart grid, and smart city, and data generated during disasters, and battlefield operations.

Meet the experts

Steven Corns

Associate Chair of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor
Engineering Management & Systems Engineering

Research Interests

Computational intelligence, complex systems, bioinformatics

XianBiao (X.B.) Hu

Assistant Professor
Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

Research Interests

Smart transportation systems, big data analytics, transportation system modeling and analytics

Suzie Long

Department Chair and Professor
Engineering Management & Systems Engineering

Research Interests

Critical infrastructure systems, strategic management, sustainable infrastructures, management, supply chain and transportation, systems management, organizational behavior, sociotechnical systems analysis

Sanjay Madria

Computer Science

Research Interests

Cloud computing; security; wireless computing and mobile data management

Don Wunsch

Mary K. Finley Missouri Distinguished Professor
Computer Engineering

Research Interests

Clustering, Neural Networks, Reinforcement Learning, Approximate Dynamic Programming, Adaptive Dynamic Programming, Adaptive Critic Designs, Adaptive Resonance Theory, Fuzzy Systems, Evolutionary Computation, Particle Swarm Optimization, Nonlinear Regression, Memristors, Game of Go (Baduk, Weichi), Traveling Salesman Problem, Prisoner's Dilemma Problem, Robotic Swarms, Bioinformatics, Self-Healing Critical Infrastructure, Smart Grid, Critical Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, applications of these

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