Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Collectively, these terms refer to using computer algorithms to process data to augment human decision making. Machine Learning refers to algorithms that automatically learn and improve, either extrapolating from past data, or making predictions based on patterns and/or clustering of data. Deep learning imitates the neural networks in the human brain to process information and create patterns to be used in decision making. Researchers at S&T are using these techniques to predict earthquakes based on seismic data, respond to disasters, design smart helmets to treat and prevent traumatic brain injury, design airplanes, match employers to contingent workers, harvest energy, and predict trends in the stock market.

Meet the experts

Steven Corns

Associate Chair of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor
Engineering Management & Systems Engineering

Research Interests

Computational intelligence, complex systems, bioinformatics

Cihan Dagli

Director of Systems Engineering Graduate Program and Professor
Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

Research Interests

Systems engineering and systems architecting; Cyber physical systems; Deep learning; Machine learning and computational intelligence

David Enke

Engineering Management & Systems Engineering

Research Interests

Financial engineering; Investments; Stocks; Derivatives; Portfolio management; Financial risk management; Enterprise risk management; Financial forecasting; Volatility forecasting; trading; Hedge fund replication; Computational intelligence; Artificial intelligence

Stephen Gao

Professor, Geology and Geophysics
Geosciences and Geology and Petroleum Engineering

Research Interests

Geophysical exploration of the Earth’s interior, earthquake seismology, crustal and mantle deformation

Ming C. Leu

Bailey Professor
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Research Interests

Rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, virtual reality, CAD/CAM, robotics, mechatronics and automatic control

Venkata Sriram Siddharrdh Nadendla

Assistant Professor
Computer Science

Research Interests

Cyber-Physical-Human systems; Statistical inference & machine learning; Nudge & persuasion; Security, fairness, transparency and trust

Sanjay Madria

Computer Science

Research Interests

Cloud computing; security; wireless computing and mobile data management

Don Wunsch

Mary K. Finley Missouri Distinguished Professor
Computer Engineering

Research Interests

Clustering, Neural Networks, Reinforcement Learning, Approximate Dynamic Programming, Adaptive Dynamic Programming, Adaptive Critic Designs, Adaptive Resonance Theory, Fuzzy Systems, Evolutionary Computation, Particle Swarm Optimization, Nonlinear Regression, Memristors, Game of Go (Baduk, Weichi), Traveling Salesman Problem, Prisoner's Dilemma Problem, Robotic Swarms, Bioinformatics, Self-Healing Critical Infrastructure, Smart Grid, Critical Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, applications of these

Tony Luo
Tie (Tony) Luo

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Internet of things, machine learning, security, trust, and privacy

Jagannathan Sarangapani

William A. Rutledge - Emerson Electric Co. Distinguished Professor in Electrical Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Interests

Systems and control, neural network control, event triggered control/cyber-physical systems, resilience/prognostics, autonomous systems/robotics

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