Biomaterials are designed to function in the body to promote beneficial physiological responses. Glasses that accelerate wound healing and that treat cancer, polymers that deliver drugs, metals in implanted sensors: these are just some examples of biomaterials that have been developed by our faculty and which help transform how we live.

Meet the experts

Dipak Barua

Assistant Professor
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Research Interests

Computational and Systems Biology, Modeling and simulation of cell signal transduction systems, Immunity and cancer, Distributed and parallel computing in systems biology applications

Richard Brow

Curators' Professor of Ceramic Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering

Research Interests

Structure, properties and applications of glass, including sealing glasses, glasses for biomedical applications, glass surfaces and strength, glasses for waste encapsulation, optical glasses, and 3D processing of glass

K. Chandrashekhara

Curators' Distinguished Professor
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Research Interests

Composite materials, smart structures, nanocomposites, biocomposites, structural dynamics, finite element analysis, damage monitoring, composite manufacturing and experimental characterization