Energy Harvesting and Energy Storage

Our research on energy harvesting and energy storage encompasses the Missouri S&T Solar Village Microgrid Project, which implements solar cells, batteries, fuel cells and intelligent switching capabilities to utilize alternative and renewable energy. Development of nanostructured materials focuses on high energy density capacitors for pulsed power applications.

Meet the experts

Fatih Dogan

Professor of Ceramic Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering

Research Interests

Multifunctional materials and composites, nanoscale science and engineering of ceramics, solidification and crystal growth; energy materials: high energy density capacitors, nanostructured dielectrics, high temperature superconductors, fuel cells and biomaterials

Mehdi Ferdowsi

Professor and Associate Chair for EE Undergraduate Studies
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Interests

Modeling, analysis, design, and control of power electronic converters, integrated power converters and their industrial applications, digital control of power electronic converters and motor drives, adjustable speed drives, brushless DC (BLDC) and switched reluctance motor (SRM) drives, automotive/aerospace power electronics and motor drives, electric and hybrid electric vehicles, uninterruptible power supplies and active filters, design and control of power factor correctors, analysis and design of resonant converters and inverters

Pourya Shamsi

Assistant Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Interests

Smart grids, stability assesment in micro-grids, energy management, switching power converters, VHF/UHF dc-dc converters